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About the Artist

I have been involved in the arts since early childhood. My background in dance, textile design and a retailer pushed me into the more serious and personal expression of painting, printing and collage.

While living on Long Island. I showed my work in group shows and
solo shows.

Upon moving to the Hudson Valley, NY my art began to shift. Being involved with horses, observing their beauty and facial expression, I began drawing with pastels, capturing the emotion emanating from the horse's eyes.
Later, upon acquiring a printing press, I began exploring monoprint and monotype collage.

I like to work in series. A Walk in the Woods captures the abstract observation of shifting light and shadow, migrating birds, the winds, displacement of leaves and trees. A newer series, Threads of Memory, evolved when I began experimenting with textiles and collage. The garments and textiles seemed to be telling a cryptic story. I questioned who wore the blouse and what window was draped in torn lace.

I look forward to the next unknown, letting the mind and hand explore and create, that is the wonder of the artists journey.

Contact Artist for Price & Details | Tel: 845-853-9007

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